Leaning into your edge

How can we use our present moment experience to strengthen intimacy with ourselves and others? How can we tune into, own, and transform our frequencies of self-limitation? Do you communicate to control or to connect? What are 'triggers' and how do they show up within our relationships? How can the creation and use of clearing rituals with those we care about, to deepen and enrich our relational experiences?


This two-day workshop offers you a unique approach to establishing intimate connections with yourself and those around you. First, we’ll explore what it means to be authentic, including how we can use our present moment experience to foster more intimate relational experiences. We’ll learn and practice a range of communication tools, techniques, and exercises, drawn from a broad body of work, including principles of authentic relating and Dr. Susan Campbell’s ‘Getting Real’ framework.


Using these techniques we’ll dive deep into ‘frequencies of limitation’, the noises in our heads that trigger our fears and insecurities– as well as the field that creates them. Within the safety of our intimate container we’ll touch the universal experience that amplifies our feelings of inadequacy and explore how to transform our insecurities into allies of connection and expansion. By revealing and integrating the parts of ourselves that lie hidden beyond the edges of our everyday perception - the parts that scare us or that we suppress - we’ll step into realms of acceptance and wholeness.

Equipped with these deep insights into ourselves we’ll learn what triggers are, how they show up in relationship and gain an understanding of why we get triggered by those closest to our hearts. We’ll learn how to use situations of trigger and disconnect to establish even deeper layers of intimacy and how our most precious relationships can support our voyage for deeper self-understanding. 

Together we will work through exercises to reveal our unique trigger signature, discover the unconscious control patterns that automatically drive our reactions and the core fears that underlying them. With this knowledge we see how we can unlock profoundly nourishing forms of connection. 

We’ll learn how to introduce ‘pause’ buttons that minimise conflict escalation by creating necessary space for self-soothing and internal reflection. We’ll discover how we can then, from this space of calm and understanding of how our childhood wounds contributed to our distress, participate in repair rituals. By learning how to take ownership of our patterns and share our inner worlds with our partners, we’ll gain a fresh understanding of how to transform disconnecting and distress into intimacy and trust. 

On this journey of uncovering and revealing the programs that subconsciously sabotage our desire to experience intimacy, you will receive:​


  • Authentic relating & communication tools, including exercises and practice to support you to integrate them within your daily life.

  • Tools that support you to reveal and befriend your perceived shortcomings and insecurities enabling you to transform them into allies of connection.

  • Insights into your ‘control patterns’ and how they influence your connection to yourself and others. 

  • Practices that show you how to get in touch with your core fears and demonstrate the impact they have on your relational experiences.

  • Tools to identify, ‘pause’, and repair trigger situations as they occur within your relationships, in support of calming distress and re-establishing connection with the person who activated your trigger. 

  • Support and training that enables you to create and implement regular clearing rituals with those close to you.


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  • This workshop is not for you if you want to ‘become’ someone or something. It isn't a workshop if you are searching for a new form of achievement or validation. This is not a step into infinite abundance! There’s nothing to achieve. No certificate or badge. You won’t be able to be the best at it. You won’t be closer or not to the divine than before. No artificial blissfulness or joy. No new skills - well, there are new skills.

The Venue: 
  • Life Artists Berlin, Milastraße 4, 10437 Berlin

  • July 9th and 10th 9:00 - 19:00

  • There will be a 90 minutes lunch break and breaks in the morning and afternoon as needed

  • Early bird price for two full days, including notes and learning materials and snacks is  € 340.- (Code: EARLY BIRD) till 7 days before the event €390.- in the last week. The price for couples is € 490.- (Code: Couple)

What to bring: 
  • Writing materials, water bottle and wear comfortable clothing.

Low-income option: 
  • If the price feels inaccessible for you, please reach out to me directly so that we can explore potential solutions together. Photographers, videographers, web geniuses who want to trade their expertise are specifically encouraged to get in touch.