Persönliche Entwicklung Workshops

Authentic Relating

  •  What does it mean to be authentic?

  • How can we use our present moment experience to discover deeper connection

  • How can we assert our wants and needs effectively? 

  • The importance of "why"

  • How can we use our assumptions to foster deeper connection? 

Explore the world of Authentic Relating

Leaning into your edge

In this workshop we will dive deep into our self-limitations, fears, and insecurities – as well as the field that creates them. We will explore the universal experience of the parts of ‘the self’ that amplify our feelings of inadequacy in order to transform them into frequencies of expansion. 

  • What are the ‘noises in my head’ that trigger insecurity and inadequacy?

  • Where do my perceived shortcomings come from? 

  • How can I tune into and own my frequencies of self-limitation?

Using triggers for connection 

  • What are ‘triggers’ and how do they show up within our relationships?

  • Tools that we can use to identify and ‘pause’ trigger situations as they occur.

  • How to create our unique trigger signatures in order to calm ourselves during situations of distress and disconnect

  • How to create and use clearing rituals with romantic partners, family, and friends in order to deepen connection.